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Having a tough job with (in normal times) frequent travels, heavy jetlags and in any case sitting through most of the days, sports keeps me healthy and sane.


brand director: olympics & purpose

Level 3 at Go Outdoors has been great. Thanks to the intense programming of focusing on two moves for 4 weeks, it has allowed me to really see the progression with my strength training.


Zelfstandig ondernemer

Mijn techniek van de deadlift en de squat is duidelijk verbeterd door level 2. 1 herhaling doen met zoveel mogelijk gewicht voelt heel sterk. En maakt het denk ik ook makkelijker om daarna met een hoger gewicht meerdere herhalingen te doen.



Na 2x Level 1 gedaan te hebben, kan gezegd worden dat de strength-coaches Teun en Casper elkaar perfect aanvullen op hun geheel eigen wijze.



Level 3 was a very nice logic follow up on the previous levels. Everything we learned in level 1 and 2 came together.



Personal training at Go! Is going back to the elements and to the basics, with focus on technique and reaching personal goals. With Teun I crushed all my personal bests, within months of training together.

Grouptraining Level 2: 8 weeks / 2x per week


New groups will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates & inspiration: @go_outdoortraining.

New Level2 grouptrainings will be announced soon!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram account @go_outdoortraining for updates & inspiration!

Group training 8 weeks level 2

Group Training 6 weeks

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